ReactiveCore's IDNames.Services
serves as a single source of truth
for provider information


ReactiveCore's IDNames.Services, a continuously updated registry of more than 6 million providers in the country, serves as a single source of truth for provider information. It documents provider relationships based on identifiers including network affiliations, health plan contracts, relationships among individual providers and healthcare organizations such as medical groups, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, educational facilities and research facilities. The outcome is a precision data foundation.

Precision Identification Using Deterministic Logic

A deterministic model excludes elements of randomness. Every time you run the model with the same initial conditions you will get the same auditable results.

Variation tracking utilizes:

  • Hundreds of millions of records and billions of data points
  • Every variation of individual names, addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, NPIs, TINs, etc
  • Organization name changes, variation of name and associated "doing business as" reference
  • Documented source of every variation including a timestamp and noting all occurrences of identical data
  • Multiple instances of the same data from multiple sources to determine a master record

Identification Mastering Utility incorporates:

  • Data preparation processes (parsing, editing, proper casing, standardization, foreign language considerations, etc) inserting all parts of the name into a vector
  • USPS-level verification of addresses using IDNames proprietary variations-based address verifier
  • Match logic using variations of names, addresses, phone numbers, gender, birthdates, location, etc
  • Matching sequence loop using multiple combinations of personally identifiable information
  • Data that is arrayed and run through proprietary algorithms to determine a singular match
  • External reference sources for additional validation and/or manual research, if needed



STEP #1: IDNames Precision Process

  • Precision database includes ~300M Individuals, ~20M Organizations, ~6M Providers and ~200M Addresses
  • IDNames’ proprietary algorithms correct and save every permissible detail; over 300 data elements

Healthcare Entity Identification and Linking