The true identity of an entity depends on the context and the perspective of the enquirer.

- Blayne Lequeux, President of IDNames.Services

Our Story

During the last 40 years and four generations of systems, the team who founded IDNames has refined the technology and processes to create its precision data identification model to generate one-of-a-kind services. Their focused careers rich with experience in provider network data refinement and management, health insurance claims administrations and health plan actuarial support combined with a passion for creating and designing systems developed the deep subject matter expertise that is built into IDNames.Services. Continuing to evolve and grow, IDNames.Services joined forces with ReactiveCore in 2020 to create the first National Healthcare Precision Data Service.

Complex Identity and Linkage Problems Resolved

Through its secure proprietary algorithms, IDNames is able to resolve the complex and confusing process of healthcare entity identification into a precision data service, while also saving over 300 data elements of permissible details for people and organizations. IDNames identifies unique entities by variations of name, address, phone number, email, and other evolving data sources as well as by parts of identifiers and returns the precision record through an automated web service or browser.

People and organizations have many identities and variations; each is a valid identifier that propagates forever on the internet. People can have many valid names that vary as they age, go to college, get married, etc., and on average addresses change 11 times. Phone numbers, driver's licenses and dozens of other identifiers change or expire over time. Every misspelling or transposed number is added to the list. Additionally, organizations with long names are abbreviated in more ways than can be imagined when wedged into a 15-character field in a database system, and through these ‘documented’ variations, even more identifiers are added to the ever-growing confusion.

A significant number of healthcare providers have 4 names, and more than 1,000 have 5 to 8 names leading to multiple combinations.

Work locations frequently change making people difficult to keep track of professionally, unless associated with a personal address to definitely locate.

Provider entities can have any number of names and locations throughout their history.

IDNames maintains a Provider database of ~6 million healthcare providers and tracks all variations.

IDNames maintains a Population database of ~300 million people that links professional and personal information and records all of the history along with data sources and date stamps.

IDNames maintains an Organization database of ~20 million along with all the business details.

IDNames records all variations of an identity, data sources, dates, times and occurrences

Refines names, addresses, phone numbers and many other identifiers

Links people, health plans, plan members, healthcare providers, claims, networks, etc.


Blayne Lequeux

President of IDNames.Services

Harish Diwan

Reactive Architect

Clyde McMurdy

Reactive Architect

Dawn Pagano

Chief of CreativeCore

Vasanth Loka

Master Reactive Architect

Benjamin Schaff

Reactive Lead Architect